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Rakesh RP Nair

Serial Entrepreneur | Opportunity Creator | Go-to Market Strategist | Business Scale Up - MICE Expert

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Rakesh RP Nair is a Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Torgos Events & MICE Experts, Opportunity Creator, and Go-To-Market Strategist who has a lifetime of experience in Business Development, Sales, and Marketing in high-growth markets. Known as a go-to person for all his roles, he delivers creative ideas and has a track record of developing and leading teams. An aggressive, self-starter with a keen eye for detail, Rakesh’s unwavering focus on achieving the highest levels of performance will drive your business forward.

Rakesh shares, “Knowledge gaps impede the growth of opportunities and the propensity to solve problems in the business world. Irrespective of the domain, the tool to unlock business growth lies in knowing the right information at the right time. That’s why we created Torgos Events & MICE Experts.”

With over 12 years of Media, Events, Advertising, Marketing, and Business Development technology experience across the US, EU & Middle East markets, Rakesh worked very closely with the leading technology giants. He has a solid network in Healthcare, Education, Banking, Retail, and Government sectors.